NTFS signature missing

  • I am trying to deploy a Windows 10 image to a Dell Optiplex 9020. The image is a multiple partition image single disk not resizeable. When I try to deploy the image I get the error message NTFS signature missing. Failed to mount ‘/dev/sda2’: Invalid argument. I am running Fog 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 10.04. I can deploy a windows 7 image no problem with image type single disk - Resizable.

  • Senior Developer

    This is because 1.2.0 had no support for windows 10 as it didn’t exist during 1.2.0’s release. The only way, that I’m aware of, to get Windows 10 to image is to use Multipart Non-resizable. That said, Trunk versions of fog will run without much issue.

  • Moderator

    FOG 1.2 has almost no support at all for Windows 10. You’ll need to upgrade to trunk to do it.

    And unfortunately if you want to upgrade to trunk you’d need to install a newer version of Ubuntu (or other supported linux distribution) for proper functionality.

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