• I am able to check the log and see that the client installer is in fact communicating with the server, so I put PXE as 1st in the client’s boot order and create a task to reboot and make an image from the fog server GUI. The machine restarts and boots to PXE, but eventually times out. The host in fog has the correct MAC, so I don’t know why it won’t upload.

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    @cschwab Please post a picture of where the client hangs (times out)!

  • Add on, is your network using STP? If so is rapidstp or port fast enabled?

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    @cschwab Let get a bit more information about your current environment.

    What is issuing your dhcp addresses for these clients?

    What version of FOG are you using (numbers about the cloud on the FOG management console.

    What do you have (speicfically) for dhcp options 66 {boot server/ next server} and 67 {boot file}

    Is the fog server and the target systems on the same IP subnet?