Proper config to PXE boot to local nodes

  • I have 10 nodes, 9 and a master, all in different geographic locations. For the longest time everything has worked fine with all the clients PXE booting to the master node. We’ve recently started having some issues, one of them being bzImage getting stuck at 99% any time a task is attempting to run. Another issue started with the introduction of a wireless bridge that I don’t think is passing the DHCP request properly.

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to make each site PXE boot to the local FOG node, rather than the master. I think this will eliminate the DHCP request issue over the wireless bridge.

    I’m also wondering about the option here:
    0_1466727686343_Screenshot from 2016-06-23 17:21:10.png
    Will enabling this option force the client to download bzImage from the local node? If so, that should probably solve my other issue. Is it really that simple?

  • That’s good news. That video pretty much answered all my questions. Thanks a bunch.

  • Yes, you can pxe boot from each node - in FOG Trunk.
    Also, check this out: