Move images from FOG 0.32 to Trunk.

  • I moved images off of an OLD fog server running FOG 0.32 to our current server. Now when I try to deploy those images, I run into an error just as it goes into Partclone to image. Is there anything special that needs to be done to make these old images compatible with Trunk or should i build new images from scratch?

    Partclone says read image_hdr device_size error
    It says, after partclone exits,

    “Image failed to restore and exited with exit code 0 (write image)
    Args Passed: /images/Dell2100/sys.img.* /dev/sda1”


  • Moderator

    0.32 images would be in partimage format, so you’d set this per image I think in FOG Trunk, or in fog settings somewhere in 1.2.0. I’d suggest as soon as you’re able to download those images, to re-upload them so they are in the new format.

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