Upload Win XP from Vmware (Running Version: 8185) - Fail

  • Hi,

    i upgrade my fog version to 8185.

    Before, we can create image from VMWARE for all OS, now, we can only do win 7.

    Win XP say :


    We tried all upload mode.

  • sddq1 have good size yes (40G)

    i don’t know why vmware don’t call it sda

  • Senior Developer

    The first thing I notice it has no idea what drive to try to use. As a matter of fact, it thinks there’s a LOT of drives on that system. So many, in fact, it thinks there’s (probably my math is wrong, but you get the idea) 480 Disks on that system. Is sddq about the correct size for that system?

  • 0_1466582837696_IMG_20160622_093031.jpg

  • 0_1466582714246_IMG_20160622_093121.jpg

  • Developer

    @TheKoR Can you please run a debug upload task and hit ENTER twice till you get to the linux shell. Then run:

    sfdisk -d /dev/sda

    Please post a picture.

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