SOLVED Imaging New VM with 8.1 Image

  • Hi all,

    I currently have an issue where I can’t image a newly created Hyper-V VM with a Windows 8.1 image I took earlier today. I uploaded it fine with no issues, but now whenever I try to download it onto the VM, I get the following:


    I can’t see why it’s talking about partitions when I’ve just created the VHD and told it to load the operating system from the FOG server. I’ve tried with a newly built Windows 10 image and that worked perfectly. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this?
    I’ve also updated to the latest version of FOG (trunk).
    Finally, I’ve looked on the FOG server for the log file it mentions, but it doesn’t exist.

    EDIT; I just tested this on a physical machine and it’s fine (which is the bright side as I actually need this on a physical machine for tomorrow. Interesting how the VM doesn’t like it, though…)

  • Thanks for the help! Somehow after increasing the size of my FOG server hard drive, it went through perfectly fine 🙂

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    @RobTitian16 said:

    I make the VM disk 50GB, so that should be enough… right?

    Wait, let me quickly check my crystal ball. Hmmm. Well we have no idea how big your source disk is and how much data you have on it. How should we know if 50GB destination disk is enough.
    Again - is this a resizable or non-resizable image type? Please post the output of ls -al /images/Win81DEVPC and cat /images/Win81DEVPC/d1.partitions on your FOG server. As well could you upload /images/Win81DEVPC/d1.mbr to the forum?

  • @Tom-Elliott I’ve upgraded again so will try again later today.

  • @Tom-Elliott Hi guys, sorry for not replying for a few days!

    I’m currently running 8088 and the last time I updated was 3 days ago.
    I’m currently using a fixed size VHD.
    I make the VM disk 50GB, so that should be enough… right?

  • While I see you’re running a version of trunk, can you tell us what version and when the last time was you updated?

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    Are you using a dynamic size VHD? If so, please try a fixed size.

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    @RobTitian16 Which size do you make the VM disk?? Is this resizable image type?