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    I’m using fog server 1.20 on Ubuntu 12.01 LTS everything works fine just one feature on FOG Quick Registration setting called “FOG_QUICKREG_SYS_NAME” i used to assign name to machines i’m using the dmi value {SYSSERIAL} + site code to name all the machines, the problem is that is not working instead of site+{SYSSERIAL} the machine is registered by it’s mac address this feature was working fog 0.32 , can you please help?
    the machines model are : HP prodesk 600 g1 , dell optiplex 3020/7010

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    @issa1998 If you need help with workarounds please let me know.

  • thanks you a lot for this clarification

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    I assume you are bringing this forward from 0.29 or 0.3x. That advanced naming is not currently available in 1.x.x series. I have requested this feature to be added to a future release. I also use Dell computers, and for the workaround we have today. We use a full registration key in our site prefix and use a bar code reader to read the serial number off the chassis. Its not ideal but workable.

    I have also created a workaround on the imaging side, where we can calculate the host name during imaging, update the unattend.xml file with the system name and then send the name change request to FOG to update fog with the calculated name. Both methods do work.

    Here is a link to my feature request.

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