Donation feature working?

  • Hello,

    i am trying to donate to FOG via the donation-feature in FOG. The feature is enabled and i am on V1.2.0!

    If i start the donation-task my hosts are booting and loading the PXE Image! After that, i see for a few seconds a message like " thank you donating for fog" but after that my screen ist just black, but still activ so no standby. My computer is still running but i do not know if the mining-process is running.

    Is this normal? Is this feature still active or possible? Is there a Problem in my configuration? FOG can use as much cores as availible!

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    If you have any kind of idea - just post ist! Thank you!

  • Senior Developer

    @FritzBox360 said:

    What about the "FOG_MINING_MAX_CORES " ?

    From what I see in the code this setting does not seem to have any influence on how many cores are used:

    . /usr/share/fog/lib/
    arch=$(uname -m)
    [[ $cores -eq 0 ]] && cores=1
    if [[ $cores -gt 1 && $arch == x86_64 ]]; then
        halfcores=$((cores / 2))
        [[ $halfcores -lt 1 ]] && halfcores=1
        [[ $cores -gt $halfcores ]] && cores=$halfcores
        if [[ ! -f /package/fogpackage/.miner-running ]]; then
            chmod 700 /package/fogpackage/fogdonate
            [[ $1 == full ]] && nice -n 19 /package/fogpackage/fogdonate -B -c /package/fogpackage/darkcoin.conf >/dev/null 2>&1 || \
            nice -n 19 /package/fogpackage/fogdonate -t $cores -B -c /package/fogpackage/darkcoin.conf >/dev/null 2>&1
            touch /package/fogpackage/.miner-running

    @Tom-Elliott Probably you know more about this than I do!?!

  • Alright - thank you!

    So the black screen in normal 😉 - i understand!

    Just one question to the config. What about the "FOG_MINING_MAX_CORES " ? The miner can use the hole system and can use as much cores as are availible. So i configured the zero - it that right?

    Because my systems are nor running hot or using more power as normal in IDLE mode.

    Thank you

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    @Tom-Elliott I don’t know how possible or desirable it is, but it might be interesting to have stat page for donations so you can see how much your system has contributed.

  • Senior Developer

    The donation feature is something the mines bitcoins or dark coins as a means to help generate some digital currency that can be used to help the project pay for things like our web host provider. To do so, we use the systems in your environment. To help increase productivity and performance the display is put into a blank stare as a means to to use less system resources and limit power consumption in your environment. The blank screen is purposely blank though pressing the enter key should at least give a means of stopping the process if need be.

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