Snapins - Windows Updates, Fog Log and Run as Admin

  • Hi all,

    Running Fog 7492 on CentOS.

    I am new to snap-ins and have a few questions - hope you don’t mind.

    I have an offline windows updater that is a collection of files that I have used SFX to create an exe for. I have manually run the EXE just to test it works which it does however it only works if the exe is run as an administrator. Will FOG run as admin with snapins?

    I am also not seeing any entry in the Fog log relating to snapins. Nothing saying they have failed but also not saying they have even been attempted. Should I be seeing an entry regardless?

    Thanks all for your great support,

  • Thanks Wayne really useful to know.


  • Moderator

    All snapins run as SYSTEM, which is actually more powerful than “admin”. All snapins must be completely silent too.

    You have to associate the snapin with a host (or group) and then deploy it. A single snapin task is in the advanced area of host tasks.

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