Problems changing storage location.

  • When I try to move storage location to a separate external drive (connected via USB) in
    Linux 12.4, the drive I’ve chosen for images is displayed as /media/98…AA08.
    I’ve created a folder there /media/98…AA08/images/fog , where I intend to store images.

    So, I added a path /media/98…AA08/images/fog and /media/98…AA08/images/fog/dev to
    as it is described in the appropriate article [url][/url]

    Everything is done by the book. When I register a host and click “upload an image” the process starts, the first
    partition of windwows 7 seems to be copied fine, but after a couple of seconds of copying of the second partition the message is displayed - write error, unable to move /media/98…AA08/images/fog/dev/5c…6d to media/98…AA08/images/fog/Win7.64.PRO.
    Do I need to change mounting point of that external drive in fstab on something like /mnt/usb?
    And I’ve found another article - [url][/url]
    Which one should follow?
    I am no very technical person, so “gentles, do not reprehend, if you pardon, we will mend”.

  • The “Change NFS Location” link was what I used and it worked perfectly for me FWIW. I’d double check that you followed the directions completely, used the correct paths and set all the permissions correctly. It sounds like, at minimum, you’re really close.

    I assume “media/98…AA08/images/fog/Win7.64.PRO” exist and FOG has permissions for the Win7.64.PRO folder?