Could not mount images folder after deleting images

  • Hi,
    I hope you can help me.

    I am running Fog 7492 on CentOS and absolutely love it.

    I recently noticed that after deleting images from the Web UI the storage was not increasing. I had not been going into the image and ticking the ‘delete files’ option - my mistake.

    In an attempt to clear up after myself I went into the /images directory, into the folders that have the images’ name and rm’ed the contents of the folders of the images I no longer required.

    On attempting to image a machine I now get 'An error has been detected, could not mount images folder (/bin/fog.upload).

    I have created a fresh image and tried to associate the same host with it, with the same results.

    Are there any suggestions you may have as to what I have done to upset Foggy?

    Let me know if you need any more information.

    Your help as always is much appreciated,

  • @TomBagley Glad you figured it out. With what you described, I would not have guessed this.

  • Hi Wayne,

    The NFS Server Service was stopped for whatever reason.

    Just in case anyone stumbles across this.

    I checked it with: systemctl status nfs-server
    Started it with: systemctl start nfs-server
    Then set it to always auto-start after boot with: systemctl enable nfs-server

    Picked up off another thread which I should have read first!

    Thanks for your help much appreciated.


  • Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for the suggestion. The dev directory is still there. I think I may be looking at rebuilding the Fog Server to remedy this one.


  • You probably deleted the /images/dev directory, and the .mntcheck files.

    Here are some commands to fix all that:

    mkdir /images/dev
    touch /images/.mntcheck
    touch /images/dev/.mntcheck
    chown -R fog:root /images
    chmod -R 777 /images