SOLVED Latest git version showing as latest version at login page possible?

  • Hi,

    can we have (for trunk) showing latest git version as latest version on login page?

    alt text

    I don’t think that it’s useful for trunk users to see latest stable at that place. As we are only interested in latest trunk.
    Some nice to have would be the ability that latest version becomes red if the numbers not matching (current > latest).

    Regards X23

  • @Tom-Elliott yes it can 😉 working, thank you.

  • Hopefully this can be closed.

    Though you might have to update the .po files.


  • @Wayne-Workman i want that for trunk not for the regular users, so why not displaying latest trunk instead if latest stable, no trunk user interested in that information and it’s a little change so it should be easy to do and for me it makes a lot of sense.

    The way over the options is uncomfortable.

    Both could also be an option:

    Latest stable: xy
    Latest trunk: xy

    Regards X23

  • The latest trunk version shows in FOG Configuration.

    The field at the login screen is more aimed towards stable users, kinda giving them a kick in the but to update every time they login. For example, 0.32 users should see on their login page “Latest 1.2.0”, as well as 1.0 users.