• For the past couple of weeks, I have been having issues with images replicating to other storage nodes. The Image Replicator logs tells me that “I am the only member, Image Name: Image01, Not syncing Image between group(s)”. In my environment, I have 4 storage nodes and 1 master. None of my 20 images are replicating. I did get them to replicate last week but I did do a capture today and that image is not replicating out to the other nodes. I do not know why this is not working it has work perfectly in the past but I cannot get it to replicate. All are running Trunk 7959. Any help I would greatly appreciate! Thanks!

  • @LJedi First thing is to update to the latest, on all nodes - master first. Second is to review permissions, interfaces, IP addresses, storage groups, just going through it all.

    Can you post the replication log? Also telling us which Image you updated recently. The output of ls -lahRt /images from the main server might reveal something.

    Also, ensure all your fields for the storage node are filled out, such as web root, images path, ftp path, etc.