Unable to remove iPXE New Menu Entry

  • I was looking to add Hirens Boot CD and Clonezilla to the iPXE Menu, but while adding Hirens Boot CD I mistakenly clicked “Add New Menu” button before inputting the name under “Menu Item:” . It added the entry when I boot up into the iPXE Menu:
    alt text

    but its not available under iPXE Menu Configuration:
    alt text

  • Thanks Wayne, this worked perfectly.

  • Moderator

    use fog
    SELECT pxeID, pxeName, pxeDesc FROM pxeMenu WHERE pxeDesc = 'Boot CD 15.2';

    That should return the row that you didn’t fill out completely, including the ID. If it does return the right row you can then delete that entry by ID.

    Be sure to replace the ID number in this command!

    DELETE FROM pxeMenu WHERE pxeID = '0';

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