• Not sure if this is a FOG issue or a hardware problem. Please excuse this if it is in the wrong topic.

    Our old FOG server crashed, so we decided to update it. Since then, we have been having an issue imaging the E6410 model. We are using FOG 1.2.0 and the latest undionly.kpxe file.

    When booting to the NIC, the process hangs at the “iPXE initialising devices…” message. OK never appears. We have tried to upgrade the BIOS, but the process still hangs.

    Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!!

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    I can say for sure that the e6410 pxe boots just fine using the trunk (dev) build of 1.2.0.

    The e6410 is a bios only system that does boot with the undionly.kpxe. Since you said that you had an older version of FOG installed, can you tell me what you have defined for dhcp option 67?

    When iPXE boots, there is a series if hex values that indicate the build beyond the version number. What is the build number.

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    @kfoster Did those machines properly PXE boot with the old server? What version was the old server, I guess pre 1.2.0, maybe 0.32?

    Try using undionly.kkpxe (note the double ‘k’) to see if it boots the E6410. Although our hardware list states it as working with the normal PXE binary.

    the latest undionly.kpxe file

    What exactly do you mean by that?