Wake On Lan With FOG on Debian

  • Hello,

    We have a VM that run Debian 8.4 with FOG installed on it and another on Ubuntu.

    We have problems with the Wake On Lan on the Debian FOG but this is fonctionnaly on the Ubuntu FOG. We use it with a php script that permit to send broadcast on other vlans like below :
    // Require FOG Base
    $MACAddress = new MACAddress($_REQUEST[‘wakeonlan’]);
    if ($MACAddress->isValid())
    $wol = new WakeOnLan($MACAddress->getMACWithColon());
    exec ( “/usr/bin/wakeonlan -i” . " " . $MACAddress ); #broadcast vers vlan eleves
    exec ( “/usr/bin/wakeonlan -i” . " " . $MACAddress ); #broadcast vers vlan profs
    exec ( “/usr/bin/wakeonlan -i” . " " . $MACAddress ); #broadcast vers vlan tertiaire
    throw new Exception($foglang[‘InvalidMAC’]);
    } catch (
    Exception $
    e){print $

    When I run wake on lan with ip adress broadcast parameter and mac adress, the magic packet wake the machine but when we run :, nothing is happening. The url send us a Not Found on this server.

    Can you have some ideas at this subject and can you help me ?

    Well cordially,
    DROUARD Florian

  • Senior Developer

    @fdrouard wol/wol.php path no longer exists.

  • Developer

    @fdrouard said:

    The url send us a Not Found on this server.

    Can you please take a picture of the error and post it here? Just guessing but maybe it means the wakeonlan binary is not found?! What do you get for ls -al /usr/bin/wakeonlan? Is the package wakeonlan installed on your debian system?

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