Problem with a deployed image

  • Hello everybody,
    I’m on Ubuntu 11.04 and FOG 0.32 configured as a DHCP server. I’ve successfully uploaded an image from a PC on XP.
    Then comes my problem. When I download this image on another PC (same model), this one starts XP and reboot, retarts XP and reboot again, and again.
    Well, do you know this situation?

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    F8 is a Windows boot up option, nothing to do with Fog. You do it right after the fog boot menu goes away and right before you see the windows logo. It brings you to the Windows menu to boot into safe mode/etc.

  • Thanks for answer.
    I did F8, but when you said “disable automatic restart”, is it a specific option. I don’t see it on the FOG client page. Else it’s a method I don’t know.
    Could you explain, please?

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    Hit F8 right before Windows XP starts to load off the hard disk and choose to disable automatic restart. You might be crashing for some reason and not seeing it because of automatic restart.

  • Thanks for yours answers, ID10Tea, BgilliamLCSS.
    Yes, the client was setted with boot from PXE first.
    I’ve already thought about AHCI mode on the client hard disk, but the hard disk was in ATA mode.
    Meanwhile I made a kernel update with FOG.

    And now there is a new issue. I tested FOG with this update in downloading mode. It seems that FOG download just the first partition, but nothing about the second (with users accounts).

  • expgal, have you tried adjusting the hard disk operation mode BIOS setting(s) on the PC that keeps rebooting? I encountered this problem on several different Dell Optiplex workstations in my school district and discovered that if the Windows XP image was created while the hard disk operation mode was set to ATA in the BIOS on the source machine and set to AHCI on the destination machine, the imaging process would succeed, but Windows XP would not boot up. You might benefit from comparing the BIOS settings on the source machine with those on the destination machine.

    If you want to use AHCI mode, you will need to specify a third party storage driver for your machine at the start of Windows XP setup by pressing F6 when prompted. Personally, I stick to ATA or Legacy hard disk operation mode on all the workstations that I use FOG on (if they run Windows XP).

  • Do you have it set to boot from PXE first? If you do not the client will restart it over and over expecting it to PXE boot and complete its task.

  • This is an image of 250 GB HDD in NTFS with 2 partitions (with primary active). About the OS, it’s XP Pro sp3. In image management, I configured FOG with the “default” option for storage group and "Multiple Partition Image - single Disk (not resizable). The network is ok.
    Tell me if you need more informations.

  • Give us a little more info about your XP image – how is the disk structured and what options did you use to define your image?