fogging windows 10 machines

  • what versions of linux and fog should I use to fog hp 7900 and 5800 pc’s with windows 10?

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    For Win10, gpt disks, and uefi firmware yo must use the trunk build of fog. The last stable release 1.2.0 stable doesn’t support the previously mentioned features.

    Understand that the trunk build is a dev build so there are still a few bugs in the system. But they get patched quickly when reported. Plan on updating your install a few times to get new functions before 1.3.0 is finally released.

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    Linux has many distributions and FOG works on a lot of them.

    A lot of it will come down to preference, Ubuntu is generally easiest to get started with (though avoid version 16 for now), though.

    As for FOG you should use the trunk version (details on wiki on how to do this, this will again depend on personal flavor)

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