QuickReg and Inventory issue

  • Me again. Here is what is happening

    1. Host will not register manually if Auto pop is enabled
    2. Trying to use Auto pop Quick Reg, with custom naming field. (Quickreg Autopop doesnt seem to bring anything up, just the normal boot menu, which ends up booting to the HDD, acting like it doesn’t need to register)
      We will end up either using {CASEASSET}-{SYSSERIAL} or {MBASSET}-{SYSSERIAL}
    3. When the inventory is ran manually, it does not grab either Asset field. the Asset is set in the BIOS, but does not show in the host inventory.

    Am I doing this wrong?

  • @george1421 agreed, but it ws already bought… so will work with what I got.

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    @adukes40 that should work, but you’ll have to keep track of the dongle. It should work as long as it emulates a keyboard. IMO the usb cabled one is the best for deployment cause there are not bits to loose. You either have or lose the whole scanner. Most act as a keyboard wedge anyway. They just emulate a keyboard to the computer.

  • @george1421 ugg. apparently i was informed this was just bought, and waiting on the arrival:


    It says no drivers required, so hopefully the dongle works during the Reg phase. Will super suck if not.

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    @adukes40 We use two types (both symbol) one is a usb cabled one (since we have to be at the workstation anyway for imaging) and we have a wireless one with a base for checking in the new equipment (while still in the boxes) into our inventory management system. Both work well. They are a bit expensive but solid. But for your use any usb cabled one will work just fine.

  • What scanner do you use?

  • @george1421 I dont think that will work… each of our asset tags is a different number. asset tags are our primary way of knowing what machine is what. When it comes time to name the machine during imaging, our PS script pulls the asset and server tag info from the bios, and puts it together how we want.

    So sadly i think i will need to the scanner-keyboard-scanner option… but still sounds better than keying in everything.

    And helps on fat-fingering characters.

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    @adukes40 If you are going to do that (workable solution IMO). I would create a barcode that you can scan with AT- already there. Then just scan that one first then the asset tag. No back and forth between keyboard and barcode scanners.


    select the tiny Advanced options link (below the build button) to build a better barcode. Select code 3of9 (39) then just copy the output barcode.

  • @george1421 I was thinking about just doing the full reg, if the auto pop didnt work. That way I can just take care of the name then, instead of trying to match up mac addresses later. Plus our asset tag stickers have barcode on them, so if we have a external BC scanner, I might be able to scan the AT, type the hyphen, and then scan the back of the machine for the service tag. I will need to try that out.

    Thanks for the idea.

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    @adukes40 said in QuickReg and Inventory issue:

    At one point when i first started testing out FOG, it was pulling the Asset from the board. Sometimes i saw it in chassis, sometimes it was in MB… but now its no where.

    Yes the Dell systems put it in one location and Lenovo and HP put it in another. One was system board and other mainboard or something like that (from memory).

    The other thing we have done is just ignore the FOG naming and use a fog postdownload script to pickup the name from the smbios and then update the unattend.xml file on the fly. This creates a disconnect between fog names (mac address) and the real system names, but for quick image deployments it works really well.

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    @adukes40 Sorry bouncing around a few threads this AM.

    What we do is go through a full registration from the fog menu. The first question is system name. We manually key in the OU prefix then use an external barcode reader to scan the barcode on the back/underside of the dell chassis to complete the name, then continue with the full registration.

  • At one point when i first started testing out FOG, it was pulling the Asset from the board. Sometimes i saw it in chassis, sometimes it was in MB… but now its no where.

  • @george1421 You mean you are just using the “other tag” fields? for Asset.

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    @adukes40 What we ended up doing (with dell hardware) is longer registration and use a bar code reader to key in the asset tag. Then let fog do its thing with system naming and ad connection. Not idea but the only solution for now.

  • Sorry, its 1.2, 7847.

    This would be awesome if it would work that way. That would make my boss happy lol. As well as registration quick and easy for new equipment.

    Thanks for the info.

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    You didn’t mention the version you are running, but this naming feature was part of a .29 hack or .3x add on feature that is not supported in the 1.x releases. I have asked for this functionality but it is currently not on the table for the 1.3.0 release.

    I’ve had to live within the feature set of 1.x myself.