• Is it still possible to create .exe snapins? I have found some older entries here on the forums, but I am unsure if the info is still accurate.

    I have created a few simple MSI snapins, and a couple of BAT snapins. For stuff like Adobe CC packages and such, which run from a .exe rather than a MSI installer, what is the best method?

    If the info I need is here and I didn’t look hard enough, I apologize. Feel free to point me in the right direction.

  • @Jbob Thank you! I’ve been building some EXEs with SFX maker, and this will simplify things greatly for me. Just gotta upload my office 2016 pro exe I complied and test it.

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    @Shenanigan88 To run an EXE with a snapin simply upload the EXE. EXE’s a native windows executables, so there is no need for a Run With or Run With Args. Granted, if your EXE needs some parameters (such as a silent switch), you’ll need to add them to the Args field.

  • There is no problem deploying exe files, just upload and give it the propper commandline parameters and you are good to go.
    For example you can use SFXMaker, there is a lot of software out there doing it.

    Regards X23