SOLVED VM Machine has download problems?

  • Hi there

    So it seems I finally got everything running, but it seems the VM I use for my Windows 10 image has a problem downloading files properly?

    1st attempt of registration stalled on bzImage load.
    2nd attempt couldnt reach the iPXE boot menu, as bg.png could not load (just a load of dots).
    3rd attempt stopped at 72% on loading bzImage.
    4th attempt stopped at the next loading AFTER bzImage. And now again, I am stalling at bzImage.

    What can I do to fix this? I can see contact on the fog backend (graphs are popping up when I try to register), but only in small spikes and not continuous contact…

  • Moderator

    @MadsMagnus Great to hear that you found out what was causing the issue! Marking this for addition to the #wiki article on debugging boot problems.

  • Okay so it seemed our DHCP had a secret Scope Option that was overriding our initial undionly.kpxe. It was set to run pxelinux.0 - so when we changed it my VMWare machine has no issues booting on undionly.kpxe 🙂


  • @MadsMagnus if that doesn’t work trunk still has pxelinux.0 that should get you into do the tasks as required.

  • @MadsMagnus can you try using undionly.kkpxe rather than undionly.kpxe?

  • @george1421


    Yeah I have not had this problem before I updated. I was running 0.32 for a long time, which then was using the old PXE boot option. After the update I changed it to undionly. The reason of course for updating, was to capture Windows 10 and not just Windows 7.

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    @MadsMagnus What is the release # of the trunk (from the cloud on the FOG management page). The newer releases are in the 7800 range.

    OK you are using vmware for your vm, that’s good. I’ve seen other have issue with virtual box. I have seen a few people posted similar issues that you are experiencing, but with physical machines. We are trying to collect as much info as possible. I can say for sure that I can capture and deploy a win10 image to a vmware vm without issue (at least 2 weeks ago I could). I haven’t tested since.

  • @george1421

    Hi again george.

    1.2.0 trunk - stable didn’t work for me… (strange right)
    VMWare 8? Does that hit it right?
    PheonixBIOS - I guess thats the VMWares own BIOS or something.
    The DHCP option is set to use undionly.kpxe as instructed by the guide.

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    We need much more information to help you with this issue.

    What version of fog are you using? 1.2.0 stable or trunk?
    What is the target computer (I see VM but what flavor)?
    What is the firmware mode of the target computer bios or uefi?
    What ipxe boot file are you using (undionly.kpxe, ipxe.pxe, ipxe.efi?