Wiki's "Working Device" not able to image

  • Greetings FOG experts,
    We have HP Pro 3400 MT desktops that I can’t get to work properly in FOG. I’ve tried numerous Kernels including 3.2.4, 3.3.3, 2.28, etc. When doing the test compatibility part, it Fails for Network. Hoping to find the person who reported it as “works well”.

    When performing a quick register, it takes forever to load, and reports Unknown Bios Unsupported BIOS. Before that it reports UVESAFB errors.

    Also, I set the HDD settings from AHCI to IDE in BIOS in case that was an issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • If anyone cares, Gigabit was a bad CAT6 cable.

    I tested the kernel version that the other HP models similar used, and it now works perfectly! I’m a FOG lover!!

    Fully working on [FONT=sans-serif][COLOR=#000000] PS as well. Quick![/COLOR][/FONT]

  • [quote=“chad-bisd, post: 4217, member: 18”]I have updated the [URL=‘’]wiki[/URL] with your kernel information for this device.[/quote]
    Actually, it didn’t work for uploading. The kernel that works is KS and doesn’t appear to have Gigabit for the NIC. I’m stuck at 100Mb. 😞

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    I have updated the [URL=‘’]wiki[/URL] with your kernel information for this device.

  • Had to re-create server due to hardware failure. I was incorrect for the working kernel version.

    Working Kernel for HP Pro 3400 Series MT is [B] PS[/B], confirmed today.

    Posting to help anyone who might be running into issues in the future.

  • I actually ended up getting it to work. I did the following:

    1. Manually downloaded the 3.2.4 kernel again, since the link in Kernel Updater is broken.
    2. Changed the BIOS setting for the HD back to AHCI.
    3. Everything appears to be working with that kernel/BIOS setting.

  • Are you sure you have everything else setup properly?
    What OS?
    If you are able, please post the contents of the command file.
    You can find this by creating a task for this machine, (Start task to upload)

    Then go to your TFTP server and find the file that was created, the name would be the MAC of the machine.
    for me its here

    This file will show all details about the Image, the storage and the OS settings.

    For me, I was able to fix many of my own issues just by analyzing the contents of that file and ensuring that everything is 100% correct.