GreenFOG not working with client 0.10.6

  • GreenFOG is failing with client 0.10.6 on a Windows 10 system. It looks like the \ is missing (not doubled?) in the filename below.

     5/18/2016 10:49 AM Client-Info Client Version: 0.10.6
     5/18/2016 10:49 AM Client-Info Client OS:      Windows
     5/18/2016 10:49 AM Client-Info Server Version: 7671
     5/18/2016 10:49 AM Middleware::Response Success
     5/18/2016 10:49 AM GreenFOG Registered task: shutdown at 23:0

    But I also see the following in the event viewer:

    Task Scheduler service found a misconfiguration in the NT TASK\FOG\0@23@s definition.
    Additional Data: Error Value: C:\Programs Files (x86)\FOGPower.exe.

    It looks like that should be a \ between the FOG and Power.exe

  • Senior Developer

    Bug confirmed, the culprit? There was a + typed in the code instead of a ,

    This will be patched in the next version.

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