Dell Optiplex 7010, 1 driver causing issue with sysprep

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    Hi all,

    Just putting this out there to see if this has happened for anyone else…

    I seem to have a problem with one of the drivers installing correctly via sysprep process, all the rest get detected from c:\drivers and install correctly. (I am using dells enterprise cabs that have been extracted)

    The driver that breaks/stops the sysprep phases midway is the Intel AMT WS Management Driver, if I remove that from the drivers folder sysrep completes and installs all of the other drivers. Also the driver installs correctly if I browse to the said driver folder via device manager and update manually.

    any ideas??

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    @falko If you have questions IM me on them. I couldn’t post everything because of contractual reasons. But I can help provide direction if you need it. The key with that process is to set the registry to tell it where to look for drivers. For now you can just create an empty c:\drivers folder change the registry key and stop. Everything in your image will work the same as it did before. Then you can get to the part about driver injection later.

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    I have been trialling your method of driver Deployment. (I use to have the drivers on the VM image pre upload)
    All working well, also I don’t use MDT as you said. So thanks for that tutorial.

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    @falko Oh interesting…

    I can say for the reference images I build, I have MDT apply all windows updates as the reference image is built, before I capture it. This is done in a VM so there is no crazy hardware requirements there. I’m not specifically installing this updates into the reference image (I do have MDT add a few MS KBs but not these). So it looks like I dodged a bullet here since the MDT task sequence is installing these updates for me.

    I’m glad you found the issue and resolution for this and secretly glad I won’t see it the next time I do a driver update.

    Marking as solved.

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    Clearly I have lost my ability to read properly…

    the below message was even in red on the dell site
    "NOTE: This CAB will not install correctly unless you are including the KMDF 1.11 update in your deployment process/image. Click HERE for details."

    After installing & this is now working.

    Apologies & thanks for the responses

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    I have just re-downloaded the A09 NWJXJ 04/14/2015 429 MB cab and testing another deploy, if this doesn’t work it would be great to have your results

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    I can say I resync’d these drivers with the 2/15/2015 driver cab on 3/16/2016 and those drivers install without issue on win7 x86 and win7 x64. I’ll be updating the reference image for win7 in a few days so I will have an opportunity to validate again our 7010s with the driver pack from 2/15 (I already did that for last quarter).

    Just for full disclosure I get the Dell CABs from here.

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    yes, also forgot to mention this is Wndows 7 x32 using the drivers from here

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    @falko Is the driver signed?

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