• Hello guys, i have a problem. I can register the machine which i want to deploy an image, but after i create the task, it start loading but it finishes without doing nothing . Why?
    ![alt text](image url)

  • @Tom-Elliott said in Deploy problems:

    fixparts /dev/sda

    I have made the task “Upload-debug” and put the command fixparts /dev/sda and fog now returns me the next error:

    EBR signature for logical partition invalid; read 0x0000, but should be 0xAA55
    Error reading logical partitions! List may be truncated

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    Also if you are in uefi mode make sure secure boot is disabled. Also a screen shot of the error/not doing something may help too.

    Just for what its worth, fog 1.2.0 stable works only so-so with win10, gpt disks, and uefi bios. You may have better luck with the 1.2.0 trunk build.

  • @Kaix Can you disable UEFI mode on network boot? You will, also, likely need to run the initial upload as a debug (Host->Basic Tasks->Advanced->Upload - Debug) and run fixparts /dev/sda and confirm and write the changes, then run fog and step through. It should begin uploading.

  • The disk has the same size, and the image is a Windows 10 with 2 partitions

  • I,ve got Fog 1.2.0 ver, I think the problem is cause the computer has UEFI BIOS, because in other computer i can deploy image

  • We can’t help you without any information.

    What version of FOG are you running?

    What is the image information?

    Is the disk of the receiving system smaller than what is expected when you originally uploaded the image?