Can't read the following volume file

  • I am getting this error.
    -----Volume not found--------
    Can’t read the following [I]volume[/I] file

  • Ultimately, this is a modern FOG, so I’d recommend a modern OS level for 0.33.

    It really doesn’t matter which OS, though I’ve really only tested thoroughly on CentOS as that’s what I run at home. I’ve performed a few installs on Ubuntu and Debian so far, and others have done so on Mageaia (or however it’s spelled). It seems to work well from what I have seen, on all systems.

  • Developer

    I use Ubuntu 10.04 🙂
    I also have Ubuntu fog servers on 12, and 13

    I would recommend any of these for building a FOG server.

  • Hmm i see, But i already tried that. I also try with different images and pc’s to upload an then, re-deploy. The upload works properly, but the deployment doesn’t.

    in case i can’t solve the problem, I’m looking forward to install a new fog server with 0.33 and make a standard config for the server, and backup it every weeks. Wich system and version do you recommend?
    Ubuntu 10, 11, 12 ?
    Debian 6, 7 ?
    RH …

  • I don’t know what changes were made directly, so you may be better off, if at all possible, recreating the image and uploading over the current file. I’ve seen similar issues on my boxes that the images just basically no longer work. Mine where due to glusterFS which I’ve since moved to just a local storage to contain the files needed. I still had to upload over all my original files to get things working again. It seems, to me, that something doesn’t like the way the files were originally stored and causes, what looks like to me, almost like the inode table is corrupt for the file itself. It gets to a certain point and says error: corrupt read at blkid 206972, or some other number. Varying percentages as well.

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 25061, member: 7271”]Fred,

    When you updated ubuntu, did nfs-common or nfs-kernel-server get updated as well?

    When you performed the updates, did you restart your system, or just update and keep going?[/quote]

    Well, i think that the nfs-kernel-server was updated because no-one for 1 year looked at this server. I was in charge of that but now i’m working in another company.

    Of corse, i restarted the server, it causes some error on disk (it’s a vm) an i fixed that on ubuntu boot menu.
    After that, it restarts correctly and fog is running. Otherwise the deploy function stops always after some time with the error.


  • Fred,

    When you updated ubuntu, did nfs-common or nfs-kernel-server get updated as well?

    When you performed the updates, did you restart your system, or just update and keep going?

  • Hi Travis,

    I’m just sharing that i have the same problem like the others that no one can resolve. I’m always trying to solve this but without success for now.

    I have updated the Ubuntu (security updates, …) an then i can upload a new image, but not deploy it because after some time deploying the new image, it stops with following error:
    [SIZE=6][B]“Can’t read the following volume file”[/B][/SIZE]

    When i said, “getting this error now” i’m saying that i have the error mentioned in this post. Because before this error i had some others errors, and i solved them. With this one i’m blocking.

  • Developer

    Fred, i don’t see how your problem relates to the ones being discussed here… You may want to post your own thread instead of hijacking a thread.

    UNLESS you were getting the errors mentioned above BEFORE you updated. In which case you should include that info in your post as just saying “my fog is broke” is not going to help us in resolving your issue.

  • Getting this error now…
    After a Ubuntu Update. The image starts deployement and then it stops at 17% - 80% on different image files.

    To get fog working what’s the trick? (never update ubuntu?)

    Trying to solve issue… if anyone can help… thanks in advance!

  • Just in case anyone else gets this error, one thing I’ve found is that the image file names are case sensitive. Adding the name manually in the wrong case will result in the above error - so check the actual name of the file in /images/ and ensure the file name matches exactly in the fog web interface.

  • I am getting the same issue now too…on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS and the difference between yesterday and today are package updates were applies. I don’t think that could that change the file structure of the Image folder??

    I try to deploy an image to a machine and it stops at the same spot every time, at 2.8GB. It is also looking for a file named sys.img.001 and I only have the file called sys.img.000. Is there some kind of imposed TFTP transfer limit or some reason why fog would be looking for a different file name?

    This seems to be the case on multiple images I have. I have tried to create a new image and point to the same folder and I have changed permissions on the images…Thanks for any info you have on this.

  • I’m experiencing this same problem now. It gets 100% through d1p1.img and then gets 7% into d1p2.img and then I get an error that it can’t find the file d1p2.img.001. This file doesn’t exist. I imaged 5 computers with this yesterday and now it throws this error. Has anyone found a solid fix for this?

  • Iv ran into this problem as well, Im running fog 0.32 on ubuntu 11.10 32-bit. I had this issue fixed at one point and did that by doing a complete reinstall of the server but i would rather not have to do that again. For me i can multicast with no problems and upload without issues, this only happens when i attempt to push an image via unicast. Also this is not isolated to one of my images, it happens to every image i have saved on the server.

    One thing i noticed is my ubuntu desktop gui froze last night but the fog server was still up but running extreamly slow, but both unicast and multicast worked. I did a Hard shut down and restart and now i get this same error on every image.

    Not sure if this helps anyone figure out what is causing this problem but ill post again if i find any solution besides a server reinstall.

  • I tried moving images again yesterday afternoon and for whatever reason, it worked this time. I was using two fog “servers” on the same subnet in my building, used rsync to move the file, and then used [B]sudo chown root:root [/B]to change ownership of the image file. After creating the image definition file in FOG, I was able to push that image down to another machine.

    Server 1 was running Ubuntu 12.04 and server 2 is running 11.10. Previous attempts to transfer files were moving from a server running 11.10 to a server running 10.04LTS. But, all four machines were using fog_0.32 from sourceforge.

  • Tried permissio0ns but still get the same error.
    [IMG] Jun 18%2C 3 50 31 PM.jpg[/IMG]

  • On the machines they’re copied from, or similar machines, rather, root has “ownership,” but at this point, I’m willing to try anything.

  • I’ve not seen that error before. I think fog should own them though. try “sudo chown fog:root” on the subfolders/files.

  • I’m getting the same errors when i’m trying to deploy images copied from one server to another. My servers are 10.04LTS with FOG 0.32. I’ve copied my files with rsync from one server to another, used: CHOWN, CHGRP, and CHMOD 777 on the image files as well as the /images folder so that they are “root” owned with read/write/execute at every level. I don’t know what else to do and I certainly don’t want to haul computers all over the district to get images uploaded. Any help is very much appreciated.

  • I upgrade to Ubuntu server 12.04
    I want to deploy(restore) a PC. with a Windows XP Image. under the images folder. it will go about to 45% the i get the error.