config multicast

  • We try to configure multicast between different vlan, we have fog version 1.3.0 in a debian 8.4, How to configure the server with greater scope than 1?

  • This appears to be a networking related question vs a question about the application.

    Previous poster is correct. Basically you would want to enable multicast on your layer 2 devices and perhaps on your layer 3. In general, you want to control where the multicast goes, so enabling is not the end of the story.

  • Developer

    @nacho This is nothing you configure on the FOG server but on your network devices (switch/layer 3 switch/router). Start searching the web for things like igmp, pim, multicast routing. There is no easy step by step answer we can give. Depends on the network equipment you have. Start reading on it!

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