• Hello all,

    I’ve got a FOG server set to wake up a group of computers every weekday morning at 7am. I used the “cron” settings on the FOG web management page to set this. It’s getting close to summertime and we need to cancel that wakeup while the kids are out of school. I don’t see anywhere on the management page where that cron job appears. I went to Task Management and clicked on “Scheduled Tasks” and it doesn’t appear there.

    Does anybody have any experience with the recurring Cron tasks on the FOG server and could provide some info?

  • You can use MySQL Workbench and cancel the task under “scheduledTasks.”

    I submitted a bug sometime at the end of last year. It will be fixed in version 0.33.

  • Here was my temporary fix, I definitely do NOT recommend this if you’re squeamish about mysql commands or terminal stuff. then again, if you’re using FOG…you’re pretty well versed in command line-fu 🙂

    In a terminal,

    sudo mysql
    use fog;
    truncate table scheduledTasks;

    This clears the “scheduledTasks” table, which is where any recurring tasks are stored. When I did this, the “Scheduled Tasks” page then displayed “No Scheduled Tasks found”, instead of just nothing.

    I read over almost every php file I could find in /var/www/fog and found several references to scheduledTasks tables, etc. The ScheduledTasks always did work, they just would never show on the Scheduled Tasks portion of Task Management. This “Truncate table” command gives me at least a quick way to clear the tasks out.

    Maybe one of the devs could help shine some light, could the web code be trying to pull from the incorrect Table? I know little to nothing about PHP but I learned a little just trying to figure this out :1