SVN 7380 - Quick Wipe Error

  • when I tried to complete a quick wipe it ends on GRUB>
    Normal wipe seems to be be working OK. (Writing Zeros to /dev/sda)

    Please can you take a look.

  • Senior Developer

    @ITCC So it’s okay to solve this as it wasn’t a bug?

    Note, that a quick wipe doesn’t wipe the data off a drive. This means the BOOT bits are still present, even though the partition layout is not available to be used. This is why you’re seeing GRUB, but not able to do anything.

  • oh my, yes. I have checked with PC user and it was linux before.

  • Senior Developer

    @ITCC Depends. Just guessing here, but you still have the system set for Network boot? If it is on Network boot, you have the exit type set to one of the Grub styles? If it isn’t network boot, the OS you wiped before was linux of some sort?

  • wouldn’t have thought it would end on GRUB.
    should it not boot loop or say " no OS found" as some machines do.?

  • Senior Developer

    Take a look at what?

    You’ve wiped the drive, so there’s nothing ON the drive to boot to.

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