Storage Nodes Detached from Master?

  • Hello,

    I decided to rebuild my fog server from scratch a few days ago. I initially installed Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 on 5 machines. (1 master and 4 nodes).

    I did the following to all machines in this order.
    Sudo apt-get update
    Sudo apt-get upgrade
    Updated the OS to Ubuntu 14.04
    Assigned Static IPs
    Installed FOG 1.2.0 (1 server and 4 storage nodes)
    Updated the Server to Trunk 7324 and added the storage nodes still on 1.2.0
    Updated the nodes to Trunk 7324.
    Copied my previous images from another HDD to the /images directory and readded the image definitions from the web GUI’s “Image Management”
    I configured from the Storage Management tab “DefaultMember” which is my Main Server to have 0 Max Clients and the other 4 Storage Nodes to have 10 Max Clients.

    The Images replicated from the fog server to the 4 nodes. And from FOG web GUI homepage under Storage Group Activity, I see 40 Free. Which is Perfect for how it was configured. Then I decided to up my imaging capabilities by adding two more storage nodes (using the same process) and upon completion, I have 0 Free and my Web GUI is running super slow!

    What should i do!

  • Firstly, remove the last two storage nodes one by one and see if it returns to normal.

    But most likely, you goofed the FTP credentials or MySQL credentials.

    Also, as a side note to you and future readers, it’s absolutely not necessary to install 1.2.0 first. You can go straight to FOG Trunk! And preferably, use a newer distribution of Linux!