• Hi !
    Running the latest version of fog, I have this error in the C:\fog.log file :

    “Invalid MAC address format” or “Unable to determine MAC adress”

    [CODE]11/05/2012 15:48 FOG Service Engine Version: 3
    11/05/2012 15:48 Starting all sub processes
    11/05/2012 15:48 14 modules loaded
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.AutoLogOut
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.SnapinClient
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::AutoLogOut Starting process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::ClientUpdater Starting client update process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::ClientUpdater Sleeping for 212 seconds.
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.DirCleaner
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.DisplayManager
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::DisplayManager Starting display manager process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::DirCleaner Sleeping for 40 seconds.
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.GreenFog
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.GUIWatcher
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::GUIWatcher Starting GUI Watcher…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::GreenFog Sleeping for 35 seconds.
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.HostNameChanger
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.HostRegister
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::HostRegister Starting host registration process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::HostnameChanger Starting hostname change process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::HostnameChanger Yielding to other subservices for 9 seconds.
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::MODDebug Start Called
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::MODDebug Sleeping for 100 Seconds
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.PrinterManager
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.SnapinClient
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::PrinterManager Starting interprocess communication process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::PrinterManager interprocess comm startup: OK
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.TaskReboot
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::TaskReboot Taskreboot in lazy mode.
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::SnapinClient Starting snapin client process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::TaskReboot Starting Task Reboot…
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.UserCleanup
    11/05/2012 15:48 * Starting FOG.UserTracker
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::UserCleanup Sleeping for 10 seconds.
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::UserTracker Starting user tracking process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::UserTracker Unable to determine MAC address, exiting…
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::SnapinClient Sleeping for 364 seconds.
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::TaskReboot No task found for client.
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::HostRegister Attempting to connect to fog server…
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::DisplayManager Attempting to connect to fog server…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::HostRegister Invalid MAC address format.
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::AutoLogOut Invalid MAC address format.
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::DisplayManager Invalid MAC address format.
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::HostnameChanger Host name was not found in the database.
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::UserCleanup Starting user cleanup process…
    11/05/2012 15:48 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::UserCleanup Attempting to connect to fog server…
    11/05/2012 15:48 FOG::UserCleanup Invalid MAC address format.
    11/05/2012 15:49 FOG::GreenFog Starting green fog…
    11/05/2012 15:49 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:49 FOG::DirCleaner Starting directory cleaning process…
    11/05/2012 15:49 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:49 FOG::DirCleaner Invalid MAC address format.
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Reading config settings…
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Reading of config settings passed.
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Starting Core processing…
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Operating System ID: 5
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Operating System Minor: 1
    11/05/2012 15:50 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Primary MAC Address:
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug No user is currently logged in
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Hostname: B02-27
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Attempting to open connect to:
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Server responded with: Hello FOG Client
    11/05/2012 15:50 FOG::MODDebug Module has finished work and will now exit.
    11/05/2012 15:52 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:52 FOG::ClientUpdater Client update will be applied during next service startup.
    11/05/2012 15:52 FOG::ClientUpdater Client update process complete, exiting…
    11/05/2012 15:53 N/A Non trouvé
    11/05/2012 15:53 FOG::TaskReboot No task found for client.
    11/05/2012 15:58 N/A Non trouvé [/CODE]

    The cloning goes fine but the computer does not join domain and I can’t deploy snappins (fog client is installed, the active directory settings are OK).

    The computer is an HP Probook 4515s running Windows XP SP3.

    Any ideas guys ?

  • Senior Developer


    It sounds like the reason you received the Invalid MAC address is the kernel recognizes the loopback, (which doesn’t have a MAC address, therefore it’s invalid) but it doesn’t recognize the physical interface itself. To verify, boot PXE and select Compatibility to find out if the kernel recognizes the HDD and Network. My guess is that it can’t find your network adapter.

    The hdparm issue is not really an issue. That, from what I’ve found, is just letting you know that the kernel has HDD Drivers and has found support, but the drive isn’t loaded in that particular mode. It’s nothing bad, just letting you know that it’s not the appropriate controller to how the device is setup.

    I’d recommend starting by finding out if your kernel has your network adapter which is what my best guess is the issue here.

    I have built a kernel that, for linux, contains all Ethernet and USB Networking adapters.

    You can download it at: [url]https://mastacontrola.com/fogboot/kernel/bzImage[/url]

    Or you can wget it with:
    [code]wget --no-check-certificate http://mastacontrola.com/fogboot/kernel/bzImage[/code]

    Hopefully this will help you out.

  • Hello, We bought a new motherboard and I am not able to register it on fog server. Though fog web page give me an error which says “Unable to register host: reason Invalid mac address” and the computer already have network connection though domain controler. Also the same computer gave me error hdparm (bla bla [URL=‘http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=277735’][COLOR=#660099][FONT=arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]inappropriate ioctl for device[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/URL][FONT=arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]) [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]when I tryed to register it via tftpboot. Now I am not able to push snapins on that computer. This only have ethernet connection. There is a huge database with every mac address and this one is not loaded or something like? Thanks in advance

  • I’m not deeply familiar with the FOG client service, as I haven’t used it for a while and I never really examined all the code, so perhaps there is somebody else who might better understand how it works and help you with these issues, but I’ll take a shot at explaining it as best as I understand it.

    All these various MAC addresses are used to identify the host. I’m pretty sure that the first MAC listed needs to be the addresses of the NIC that the host will be PXE booting from, as that is the address used for creating tasks. The additional MAC addresses are alternate ways of identifying the host to handle situations with the FOG client service seeing other addresses than that of the NIC used for PXE booting.

    Example: The host boots into Windows and the FOG client service starts; the first thing the service does is attempt to contact the server and check for tasks (reboot for an image task, pull down snapins, etc.) and provides the first MAC address it finds. While the MAC address provided to the server by the client may not be the address used to create the tasks, the server will check against all known MAC addresses to discover the host ID, and then check against that host ID to discover any tasks associated with that host. I’m not sure how the service is grabbing a MAC address, and it appears to have trouble occasionally with grabbing the wrong one, which is why its a good idea to add all of them.

  • Hello,
    I don’t work today so I don’t have access to the problematic computer, but as far as I can remember with ipconfig/all I only get my ethernet card (no bluetooth or vpn). But if it would be a conflict between NIC and bluetooth adapter for example, I won’t be able to deploy the image right ? And I don’t have any problem with imaging, only with snappins deployment and AD integration. Weird…

  • Hmmmm… what do you get from running ipconfig /all? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something like a bluetooth adapter or VPN tunnel adapter being used instead of the NIC.

  • So I reuploaded the image with wireless card enabled, drivers up to date, I added the additionnal mac adress in fog host settings, I reinstalled fog client and I still have this error : “unable to continue MAC is null” Any suggestions ?

  • No I didn’t because the wireless card is disabled in bios but maybe I uploaded the image with a computer with its wireless card enabled ! I’ll try to reupload the image with a computer with wireless disabled and I’ll tell you the result.

  • I’d hazard a guess that it has something to do with your wireless card. Did you add the wireless card’s MAC address as an additional MAC on the host page in FOG?

  • Hello,
    This is not an NIC issue, the MAC address is valid, my DHCP server gives an IP to the computer, and the NIC driver (Marvell Yukon 88E8072 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller) is up to date.
    Fog client is also installed and configured.
    The computer is working fine, I can join the domain manually, the problem is that I can’t join automatically the domain via fog…
    Any ideas ?

  • Hello popol,

    I had a similar problem 2 weeks before while testing a new model, and the problem was that the network driver wasn’t installed. If this is your problem, run ‘ipconfig /all’ at a command line and you should see that no IP is configured and the MAC address is 00:00:00:00:00:00.
    If this doesn’t work (or you already have done it) try the following:
    []If you have a DHCP server, check that it is giving an IP to the client.
    ]Check that the machine is correctly registered in FOG. MAC address should be in xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx format, do not use hyphens, spaces, etc. Only : is allowed.
    [*]Check that the client is correctly installed and configured.
    Tell us whatever the result is.