Option to only change the computer name and join the domain once

  • We use FOG to image computers that then names and joins them to the domain, but we would rather use Active Directory to make any further changes (moving them to another OU), instead of using FOG to manage computer names and AD locations after their imaged.

    The way it is now, if we move a computer that has the FOG client installed to another OU, the FOG client will move it back if we leave the AD feature turned on for that host. Same goes with hostname changer.

    It would be nice to have a universal flag to do a domain join and/or name change only once after imaging, then disable, so we don’t have to go in to every host we image to disable those manually for the FOG client.

  • Senior Developer

    @moses I would recommend using post-install scripts to modify the unattend xml, then just disable hostnamechanger all together.