FOG Build 7180 on CentOS7.2 in VirtualBox5 with Shared Folder as /images

  • How to gurus?

    The scenario:

    1. Virtual Machine is built in Oracle VirtualBox 5.
    2. Created a Shared Folder “images” in the VBox VM and pointed it to a local folder “C:\VirtualBox\images” on the Host OS (Windows).
    3. CentOS 7.2 is installed to VM.
    4. The folder /images is created in the VM in order to …
    5. Install FOG build 7180. (if /images didn’t already exist, installer fails at setting up NFS)
    • no biggie, /images can be moved easily enough.

    I want to use that VBox Shared Folder “images” as my /images folder inside FOG instead of /images inside the CentOS VM.

    I’m working my way towards what I think will be the answer, but I’m not there yet. I’m hoping someone here may know the 100% answer?

    p.s there are further details surrounding GuestAdditions etc, that I will detail tomorrow from work.

  • So yer right.

    Mounting the shared folder is easy enough, but NFS wants a block device with a file system, which a directory is not.


    Back to an attached .vhd I go.

  • Oh I have other solutions alright, but it is THIS nut that I’m hoping to crack.

  • The Linux kernel will not export a directory that is already exported. So if the FOG VM sees that directory as a share and not local, it won’t be able to re-export it.

    Would you want to give a Windows based storage node a shot? Why not a bare metal FOG Storage Node? Why do you not want the images on the VM, exactly? Maybe we can give you a better alternative for your motivations?