• OS is currently Windows 7. Made sure the BIOS was set to UEFI (Legacy). Utilizing FOG Trunk. When trying to boot from PXE it presents the following:

    Start PXE over IPv4
    Station IP address is

    Server IP address is
    NBP filename is undionly.kpxe
    NBP filesize is 91528 Bytes
    Downloading NBP file…

    Succeed to download NBP file.

    Then it kicks back to the BIOS, or if IPv4’s PXE is set to the default boot, continues on to the Windows boot.

    Any help that can be offered is appreciated. This, and a random old HP Probook model are the only two models we have run into this problem with. Dozens of others are working fine for deploying/accessing FOG.

  • @george1421 said in Toshiba Tecra A-40:

    I also see there are references to NBP file name (which tells me uefi mode).

    That’s exactly what I thought, too.

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    I know I’m reading fast here, But I’m seeing a conflict in your post (a few times).

    Is this Toshiba in UEFI mode or LEGACY (BIOS) mode. It appears that it is in uefi mode but you are sending it undionly.kpxe (which is a bios boot kernel).

    I also see there are references to NBP file name (which tells me uefi mode). If it is uefi mode then you should use the ipxe.efi boot kernel. (the kpxe ones are for BIOS mode).

  • We are on version 5124, we were on undionly.kpxe, and we tried the ipxe.kpxe as well. The laptop I don’t know how to make a solid call on. It looks like BIOS but it’s booting UEFI(Legacy). Again, Win 7 for the OS.

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  • what version of FOG Trunk?

    Also, try a different boot file for your DHCP option 067. maybe try undionly.kkpxe next, then maybe ipxe.kpxe

    What mode is the firmware on this device operating in? BIOS or UEFI? The above files are for BIOS type systems.