• Hi Team,

    First I want to thank you for a project that from my point of view is exceptional.

    Been working for almost 15 years as a systems administrator managing around 600 computers and I can truly say that Fog is one of the best projects I’ve been able to find.
    It makes our daily work easier and more effective . I do have much learn but to begin I wanted to say thanks to all of you.

    After much reading and testing, I managed to run the multicast mode on our server, but now I found a little problem.

    If for any reason one of the computers added to the working group does not start, the whole system is locked. instead of counting those 10 minutes that I think are set by default and start cloning the computers these are all left with the blue screen “like waiting” even after hours and nothing happens.
    I think it has to do with “UDPSENDER_MAXWAIT”.

    Please can someone explain how to change this setting? I understand that the work should begin after a few minutes.
    Please excuse my English.
    Thanks again!!

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Ok…I,ll try to update my server. Thanks for your time and your answers.

    I appreciate!!

  • @Tanoman69 as Tom said, I think you should move to FOG Trunk.

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Sorry for my English…let see if I can explain it.
    5 computers----one group— multicast task— 5 computers lan boot— image ok

    But if for some reason any of those computers does not boot the rest of the comouteras keeps waiting forewer…which I think it is not the normal behaviour…

    What I need, cause I work remotely is that if one computer fails…the rest keeps on going.

    Should I attach any log or configuration file?
    Using the last fog release.

    Thanks again!!

  • @Tanoman69 I am not aware of if it did, or didn’t work at all in 1.2.0. I’ve come a VERY long way since then.

    Maybe you’d have better luck running the trunk builds?

  • @Tanoman69 what do you mean normal multicast works fine? What sort of multicast isn’t working fine?

  • @Tom-Elliott


    I understand how the maxwait works, but here is where the problem cames, those computers should run the task after waiting for 10 minutes but they don´t, they just keep waiting and nothing happends.

    Normal multicask works fine, If 10 computer are on the multitask group and 10 computers wake up, multitask goes fine.

    That is the reason why I think something could be wrong on the “UDPSENDER_MAXWAIT”

    Thanks for your help

  • @Tanoman69 That’s exactly how multicast tasks work. The MAXWAIT should be set from the DB now (on trunk), but it will wait for ALL hosts to connect (or after the last connection made wait a period of time to begin the task).

  • @Wayne-Workman

    Hi Wayne, Thanks.

    But, Why those computers that are alreay in the multicast group are not begining? It is like they keep waiting to be all together to start the job…

    Thanks for your replay.

  • I don’t think that UDPSENDER_MAXWAIT is the issue, but I can explain what it does. It is the amount of time in minutes that all computers in a multicast group will wait for all members to join a session before all currently joined computers begin without those that didn’t join.

    However, I think you should look through these two articles: