• THe server is at 100% and I can’t login. How can I delete images to clear up space if I can’t log in.

  • @Connie I’d start off by deleting everything in /images/dev because probably an upload was attempted but not completed due to insufficient space. A lot more work is probably needed though. This is what inevitably happens when you put everything on one partition. There are walk-throughs in the wiki that show how to partition a drive in order to avoid this.

  • I am not at the server that the fog server is on. I ran some commands that @Jbob gave me and it shows that the usage is at 100%. This the only software on the server. We have between 40 and 45 images stored on it.

  • Senior Developer

    Can you run a Join.me session? WHen you say 100%, are you only referring to disk space, or are you referring to CPU usage?