• Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    Fog 7134 (though this happened after upgrading from 6677 to 7116)

    Last Friday I was working on some domain joining issues and in the process updated my Server from 6677 to 7116. I backed up my database schema before confirming it (whatever the dialog is on the update/install database schema) and proceeded on the update as usual. I tried to deploy an image and got an error (i’m not 100% what it said but it was something along the lines of \fog\bin\download I apologize for not taking notes). I then made a new image and upon uploading it gets all the way to the end and gets a similar error but along the lines of \fog\bin\upload. I researched that a little bit and found that it may have been a password issue.

    I followed the Troubleshooting FTp steps on the wiki and made sure all of the 4 instances of the passwords were the same and they are now. I went to reupload the image and it now hangs at “Updating database… failed!” it retries several times then cuts away.

    I thought maybe it was a bug in 7116 so I updated to 7132. When I got to the “install/update your database schema” section, I navigated to the management IP and it went straight to logging into the UI.

    I’ve tried using the import under fog configuration to no avail.

  • @herrpommesfrite Please tell us what happened, and what you did to resolve the issue so that future readers can be helped by this thread.

  • Nevermind it works now