Group Management won't retain Product Key, Domain Info

  • Currently using cloud version 7092 - I have two hosts in my lab added to a lab group. I’m trying to assign a group product key, domain information, and image assignment. Every time I hit update, it immediately deletes whatever I input.

    Bug or some feature I’m unaware of?


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    @RLane Yes that is how it works.

    I did create a hack to make a pseudo persistent groups if you want to give it a try. Understand this is unsupported by the FOG Project. So use it at your own risk.

    But what happens here is that the sql script creates a trigger when a device is connected to a group. That trigger will look in the list of hosts for a host name that is the same as the group name. If it finds a host with the same name as the group name, it copies the fields for that host into the host that was just inserted into the group. It sounds complicated but its not. Just install the trigger and then create a group and host name that matches exactly. Then just add the computers to the group and the group setting should be persistent.

  • Makes sense - now would I have to input that information (key, domain, image, etc.) if/when I add a new host to that group?

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    Sorry that is a feature not a bug.

    Currently the group assignments are not persistent. In that when you change a field for a group it basically does a set it now command on all devices that is part of the group. This is not like a persistent group that what people normally expect. Once the function goes through and updates the devices in that group it will basically erase the entry in the form. This is why you see it blank when you go back to view it.