/opt/fog/.fogsettings is missing

  • Hi,

    I need some help. I have to install a fog server on a virtual machine on a proxmox server.

    When i setup my fresh debian, install fog, it’s work, but i don’t have the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file.
    I tried to install fog on an other virtual machine on my laptop with virtualbox, same thing.
    And i think this problem cause my other problem, when i create an image with the name “win7” for example, the image don’t go to /images/win7 but to /images/dev/macaddressofthemachine.
    I thing all is linked. I have check all permissions for the fog user and images folder. its when i saw a response to check passwords in .fogsettings file when i saw it doesn’t exist.
    Thanks for your help!

  • @djedje93 I think we need a little more information.

    What OS is FOG Server running on?

    Is there a firewall enabled on the server?

    Is there SELinux running on the server?

    Are the FTP informations correct and operating properly?

  • yep, and then return installer and press enter.
    I have redo an install fog on the existant install, and now the installer dont have error and finish.
    I have now my .fogsettings, but why the install always fail the first time at multicast management?
    I’ll try monday on my proxmox server.
    Do you thinks its the reason of my second probleme with the fog images stored in /images/dev/macadress instead of /images/nameofimage ?

  • @djedje93 Are you going to the DB update page when requested during the installer?

  • @Tom-Elliott yeah but its my third install, and always the same result.
    I have an error at the end, with Starting FOG Multicast Management Server, and the installation finish, do you think its about it?

  • Thanks for your response.
    I know its a hidden file and not appear with ls -la.
    What is trunk version? i just have A fog_1.2.0.tar.gz.
    I dont have the file but i can connect to my server using loggin by default fog password.

  • Also, if there’s a problem with the installation, the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file will not be created as that’s pretty much the last thing that happens in the installer.

  • Moderator

    First, the .fogsettings file is a hidden file (fact) that is created when you install the trunk version (belief) of FOG. You can see this file if you do a ls -la on that directory.

    What version of FOG are you installing? (hint look at the cloud on the FOG management page, there are numbers there.

    Depending on what version of FOG you are running, there was an issue that does just this but that has been fixed. IF you can find that .fogsettings file, I would ensure that you can log into the fog server using the fog and the password defined in the .fogsettings file. Also make sure the password listed in the management interface matches the .fogsettings file.