Need Help with install and settings Ubuntu

  • Hi guys, i am new to Linux as this is my first use of Linux ever. so i am using Ubuntu 15.10 full install (not booting from usb) and i downloaded fog on my windows machine and moved the un-zipped file to the desktop of the Linux box. beyond that point i am at a loss. i have found a ton of walk through’s but one big difference i am running into is that i am using this computer via a switched lan with no outside internet connection (is this possible ?) so basically i just need a pretty basic walk though for complete newbies to Ubuntu for installing FOG. obviously a link to a good one will do as well, and thank you guys/gals for any info provided

  • @LAIN1987 Then install fog with DHCP. It’s included in the installer.

  • @Wayne-Workman yea i was trying to avoid that which is why i was trying to use this on a non net based switch. basicly just want to plug a pc into the switch push the image down to the pc via FOG and go with out ever touching DHCP setting on our primary network.

  • @LAIN1987 You would need to adjust your existing DHCP’s option 066 and 067, and if you want to support many computer architectures without changing settings back and forth all the time, you’ll need to setup dhcp vendor classes as well. There is documentation on this in the wiki. Just search for “DHCP” and for “BIOS and UEIF Co-Existence”

  • will have to try this Thanks! however i am attempting to do this within a corporate network if i run FOG will this have any effect on the existing DHCP settings or any of our network ?

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  • Since this is a new installation of FOG, I’d recommend going with FOG Trunk. But, fog trunk requires internet access during the installation period. After installation is done, you can disconnect it from the internet. You might look at the wiki article “Upgrade to Trunk”.