Change Path For Images Trunk 7025

  • I did a clean install Trunk 7025. Issue is that when I installed Trunk, it did not ask me to enter in a path to store images. My issue is that my images are on a ISCSI device and when I mount that ISCSI the path is /images/images.

    Is there a way to tell fog that the path is /images/images and not /images?


  • Thanks @george1421 and @Sebastian-Roth for your help. For now I did what Sebastain mentioned and moved the images and that worked. George, when I get more time I will review your documentation and see if that is something that I would want to do in the future.

    Once again thanks!

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    For your iSCSI solution, you will want to do a variation of what I outlined her to move the images off the root partition.

    The concept is the same with iSCSI and using a second disk for the images and then using the bind mount to link the /images directory to the mount point to your iscsi disk.

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    @LJedi You can change the path within FOG but I find it quite confusing to have /images/images. I guess you are doing yourself a favor if you if you move the images to the correct location. From what I read between the lines your iSCSI device is probably mounted in /images and on that you have a folder images. What about:

    sudo mv /images/images/* /images
    sudo mv /images/images/.mntcheck /images