SOLVED FOG 1.2.0 - Is there a way to limit bandwidth in FOG?

  • I can do this VIA other means, but is there a way to limit the amount of bandwidth FOG uses for UNICAST imaging? I’m in San Francisco but I’m going to attempt to image a machine in Singapore. We have quite a bit of bandwidth in SF but for the small sales office in SG they have very little bandwidth. Again, there are other standard ways to do this but a configuration in FOG would be more tidy. Thanks in advance.

  • Might be faster to ship them a hard drive in the mean time…

    But I agree with Tom, you can setup a storage node there and use the location plugin.

    Fog doesn’t need anything super powerful. An old P4 or Core 2 Duo would work fine. You can even get an Intel NUC to use a fog storage node.

  • FOG Trunk does have bandwidth steering capabilities but not in the regard you’re looking for.

    For your particular setup, I’d highly recommend using the location plugin and setting up a group/node pair specific for Singapore. Have their imaging performed from the local site rather than across the internet. Otherwise, this would take FAR longer than anything. You can centrally manage the systems with a single “central” server in this regard.