Image upload just broke

  • 0_1458921282228_20160325_114504-1.jpg Happy Easter everyone,

    New FOG server, Ubuntu 14.04 Fog 6947

    Started to upload Latitude E7240- windows 7 image. Everything goes smooth until it breaks.

    I will try to upload from different machine to eliminate the possibility of hardware issue.



  • Guys,

    Thank you, I was trying to capture 7240.
    I was able to capture 7250 successfully, so I think you are correct.



  • Developer

    Definitely looks like a hardware issue to me…

  • Moderator

    All I have is what I see in the tea leaves, but it looks like your hard drive has some bad spots near the end of the disk.

    And for me the upload/download terminology is a bit loose. That is why the devs changed it to capture and deploy. I assume you were capturing the image from the 7440? If it was a capture, also ensure you have enough free space on your server, just as a safety check (even though the error seems to be a crc error).

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