fog 1.2.0 or trunk for Windows 10?

  • For Windows 10 client is it better to use 1.2.0 or the trunk unstalled on Debian 7.4?
    I read that 1.2.0 is compatible although released before Windows 10 and trunk has built in Windows 10 support but is trunk so maybe not very stable. Which should I choose?

    Thank you!

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    No worries with the trunk build either. I can say you will need the trunk build if you have newer hardware and/or you have to deal with gpt hard drives or uefi bios. All require the latest trunk version to work.

    There are still being reports of bugs in the trunk build. Once reported they are fixed quite quickly. The point being you may need to update your fog server often until the developers get into the release candidate stage of deployment.

    I can say from personal experience win10 with BIOS and MBR disks deploy without issue.

  • Thanks a lot ch3i!

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    @hariskar Hi, with no hesitation trunk version !