SOLVED Logs Filling up with PHP errors

  • I’m seeing this in /var/log/messages for just about every service:

    FOGTaskScheduler: PHP Warning: sleep() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in /opt/fog/service/lib/service_lib.php on line 55

    The message will change depending on the service…I stopped them for now just to see if they would stop writing to the log. I clear out /var/log/messages and then it gets flooded again and this is line 55:

    55 $reaped_pid = pcntl_waitpid($service_child_pid, $status, WNOHANG);

    Not terribly familiar with php but wondering if someone could lend a hand to see what’s wrong with php or fog services. This is a storage node, rev. 6921. Thanks!

  • Yep, @Tom-Elliott helped me realize that over chat. Reboot, rinse, repeat. Thanks @Wayne-Workman for having a look-see. You can mark this is as solved.

  • @Wayne-Workman There is no typo. That particular line was referring to the PID as the first parameter. He rebooted the system and it worked properly.

  • The error is saying a string was passed, when a integer was expected. PHP’s sleep function needs an integer given to it. This is probably a typo somewhere that @Tom-Elliott can fix.