SOLVED FOG trunk upgrade - Image upload fails

  • Hi FOG,

    I just upgraded to FOG trunk and everything works with a few exceptions;
    in the task management window I see a

    Search failedSyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data 

    error in the top of my window;

    I also see some other errors, regarding Strict settings

    Strict Standards: Accessing static property TaskManagementPage::$returnData as non static in /var/www/fog/lib/pages/taskmanagementpage.class.php on line 41
    Strict Standards: Accessing static property TaskManagementPage::$returnData as non static in /var/www/fog/lib/pages/taskmanagementpage.class.php on line 85

    This happens on all the pages related to tasks.

    Now is my issue, that I started an upload task of a Windows 10 Machine. The images got created (they are in the /images/dev/mac/ folder) but the task keeps on running and the images do not get moved.

    Is there a way to ’ manually’ tell fog that the process went right; or do I need to start the whole process over (and: how can I prevent this from happening)

    The Image row in MySQL has data in it, but the ’ All Images’ -management screen shows ’ No data’ behind the image.

  • Senior Developer

    @george1421 Thanks for testing and letting us know. Seams to work with the latest trunk so I am marking this solved now. Please let us know if you feel images are not moved properly (please check FTP first!).

  • Moderator

    @george1421 I did the capture last night (late) with r6901 and the capture files remained in the /images/dev/<mac_address> folder. I botched the move to images so I updated to FOG r6909 this morning and recaptured the image and this time the files did end up in the correct location. Just for completness this is a windows 10 MBR image I captured.

    I also confirmed that the fog system password matched the password defined in the .fogsettings file.

  • I did move it by hand and can confirm that it is a working image (deployment went fine).
    I will check my FTP to see if that is the issue; at least it has a relatively easy workaround.

    I’m glad that the other issues are not responsible for the issue; will await the fix.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • Moderator

    @Sebastian-Roth I can and will, but nothing has been touched. It has worked fine up until the first capture this week.

  • Senior Developer

    @george1421 Checked the FTP passwords? If you change the fog system user’s password and don’t change in .fogsettings you’ll get hit by the head when running the installer…

  • Moderator

    Just for clarity I captured a win10 image last night and it remain in the /images/dev folder. Since I was pressed for time and thought it was something I did, I also moved it by hand. I’ll probably capture another image tonight of the next build. I know I don’t have FTP issues since the system has been working without issue for months, but I did recently upgrade to the latest trunk version earlier this weekend.

  • Senior Developer

    @abos_systemax You can move the uploaded image by hand sudo mv /images/dev/<mac> /images/<image-name> (image not being moved is quiet often a FTP issue)

    I’ll look into the other errors now…

    Edit: Found… will be fixed soon. By the way, I changed the title because 1.3.0 is not existing yet! We don’t want to confuse people!