SOLVED SVN 6815 + Snapins aren't seen in gui (snapin file exists) after upload

  • I’m current running SVN 6849 and possibly since 6777 snapins don’t show in gui (snapin files exist) although they appear in /opt/fog/snapins with full permissions and ownership by fog:apache.

  • @Tom-Elliott nothing different per 6861. snapin acts as if it is initiated by client, but noithing happens, and return code is 0. I know this script works when run under SYSTEM if this is still the case.

    snapin file exist drop down doesn’t coincide with sql database or /opt/fog/snapins folder. Is that what was “known” ?

  • @Hanz I’ve adjusted the code base to try addressing the display of the existing snapin files.

    I don’t know if it will break or work, so please let me know.

  • @Tom-Elliott it wil remove and add file appropriately(Delete/Add in gui) although without correct permissions in /opt/fog/snapins; however gui willl not show it under (snapin file exists).

    If I try to add cmd /c to my newly created snapin I get this error in gui

    A file to use for the snapin must be either uploaded or chosen from the already present list

    VSFTP checked out and Index Of Shown under ftp://X.X.X.X

    GUI is also showing old snapins that aren’t in directory or in database under same drop down box.

    Really seems lika a GUI read issue somewhere…which dissallows further function of snapin.

  • This bytes, but yes, it’s somewhat known about. If i move the getter, we get more issues than as it currently stands. From what I can tell, however, it is not from the files existing/not existing. FOG uses ftp to find what files exist. However, if it can’t connect it destroys the main item.

    Can you run through the