Snapin: batch file and positionnal parameter

  • Hello,

    I have a .bat script that I use with fog snapin system. It normally takes positionnal parameters (eg: myscript.bat usr srvprt). If I hardcode those paramaters in my script, with fog snapin system, it works OK. If I try to pass positionnal parameters within fog snapin system (snapin argument box) it does not work. Any help would be appreciated.


  • @Wayne-Workman


    I’ve checked and tested again today and it’s working now perfectly. I have probably done something wrong. Sorry for this false problem.


  • Moderator

    @kris What version of FOG are you using? Look at the “Cloud” in the upper left of the web interface. What version of the fog client? and can you give us the script your using and a screenshot of the web interface showing what your trying to do with the snapin? Also, what does the fog.log say?

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