How I can image 10 computers at the same time

  • Hi everybody,
    I’m sorry for my english,
    I would like to know how I can image 10 computers in the same time because I already have 10 computers are waiting for imaging in a task, but only 5 of them can start imaging and the rest of them have to wait until get done with 5 others.

    Thank you

  • thank you for the answer it was very helpful for me

  • There is documentation on this in the [URL=‘’]FOG wiki[/URL], but here is a quick guide. There are two ways of doing this.
    []Unicast - In the FOG web console: Storage Groups->All Storage Nodes->(Storage Node) Edit, adjust the Max Clients setting to the maximum number of concurrent unicast sessions.
    ]Multicast - In the FOG web console: Host Search, search for the hosts you want to multicast with and create a Host Group. Go to Host Groups->(Host Group Name) Edit->Image Association, select the image you want to deploy. Go to OS Association, select the correct OS Association for that image. Go to Tasks, search for the host group, select multicast.