Connecting FOG 0.32 to W2K8 NFS

  • I have setup a W2K8 NFS Share entitled [B]FILESERV:/NFS[/B]

    I have been trying to connect my FOG (running on Ubuntu 11) install to this NFS server. I’m not too sure what to enter into my FOG Portal settings. So far I keep getting a “[B]Failed to Connect to FILESERV[/B]” error.

    The firewall is off on the W2K8 box. My FOG server is running as a Normal Server. The settings for the storage node are as follows:

    Can anyone help?

    Storage Node Name: FILESERV
    Storage Node Description:
    IP Address:
    Max Clients: 10
    Is Master Node: No
    Storage Group: default
    Image Location:
    Is Enabled: 1
    Management Username: fogstorage
    Management Password: fs8866

  • I advise you to mount the nfs share directly on you server by adding a line in your /etc/fstab : /images nfs defaults 0 0

  • Developer

    You are not meant to use a Windows NFS server. You are meant to use another FOG install as a Storage Node.

    Though, what you want to do is not impossible.